Cavachons are a hybrid of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise.  Combining the best physical and personality characteristics of both breeds, the Cavachon is super cute, very sociable and typically exhibits a mix of activity and contentment. They enjoy other pets and put up with an amazing amount of attention and play from children but then love to curl up on your lap for some cuddle time with their soft fluffy coat. They appreciate keeping you company and prefer being part of the family.  They do not tend to shed much hair as they generally develop a coat similar to that of the Bijon Frise but with the smooth softness of the Cavvie.   

We have a beautiful and perfect little 6 year old girl, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, looking for her forever home.  Pippa is a happy and trusting small 6 year old, she loves to interact with those she loves.  She is pictured below, the very first image. Please call for more info about Pippa, book an appointment and come visit, she -and we- love visitors.

Cavalier-Coton:  We have a gorgeous litter of 4 little girls!  We are very thrilled with this litter...  The handsome stud to this litter of babies is a Coton de Tulear.  This is a gorgeous tri-coloured hybrid designer breed born Feb. 2, 2019.  They have the best qualities of the Cavalier, engaging and cute and the best of the Coton de Tulear, amiable, vivacious and cheerful and they are super cute to boot!  Pictured below:  3 photos following the first image of Pippa ~ #3c, 3a, 3b.

Cavachon:  Phoebe is a delightfully happy mamma of 4 adorably sweet little babies born March 22, 2019.  They are a gorgeous pearly white with chestnut markings termed Blenhiem.  Ready for adoption.  Updated photos below ~ images 5 and 6 (following the first block of 4 images).  

Jenny has 2 very adorable and sweet-tempered boys born March 27.  They are a pearly white with soft chestnut colourings.  They are pictured below, image number 7 (in the second block of 4 images).

We are excited for Victoria, our beautiful King Charles Spaniel mamma, along with Toby, our handsome Bichon stud have a beautiful litter of born April 7, 2019.  There is one beautiful little girl available.  She is pictured below:  image number 8; photo #12f  (last photo in the second block of 4 images)

A beautiful litter born April 16, 2019 will be ready for adoption mid June.  A stunning white with black markings!  One little boy available (his siblings are spoken for...).  Mamma to this incredibly sweet little prince is our gorgoeous Valentine along with our Bichon Frise stud, Toby. Photos number 9 and 10; #11m (the pics begin the 3rd block of 4 images).

Call us and we will reserve a puppy for you with a deposit, we will be happy to assist you with pricing, our reservation policy and adoption procedures.

Puppies Pictured below ~and after the first 6 images~ are photos of our most recent former puppies who have found family and friends to call their own!  Previously we had gorgeous tri-coloured puppies, chic and dressy white and black puppies and the elegant blenheim coloured babies.

Please contact us for more details.                                                    

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