Cocker - Bichon

The Cocker - Bichon or also known as Cock-A-Chon is the hybrid mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  Their temperament is a combination of characteristics found in both breeds, gentle, affectionate, cheerful; adaptable.  They are an excellent family pet as well as delightfully cute and adorable and they will love and be loved wherever they may go.

We are ecstatic!  Cookie, a gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, is due end of Sept!  ~daddy is a Bijon Frise.  
~Reserve your own special sweetie!  They are going fast!

Captivating, Engaging; Delightful; Cute; Super Smart; Hug-able Teddy bear; Fantastic Buddy; Charming Personality; Devoted; Loyal; Entertaining; Goofy; Upbeat; Cheery; Easygoing; Sensitive; Eager; Enthusiastic; Healthy!  

1st 4 Blocks of 12 Images:  Our gorgeous puppies ~spring 2016.  ~Now SOLD!~

These Cock-A-Chon 'spring 2016' puppies have found their own little niche with a new family!

Last 2 blocks of 6 images:  Pictures of the puppies at about 3 weeks of age.

Please contact us for more details and info.