Cocker - Bichon

The Cocker - Bichon or also known as Cock-A-Chon is the hybrid mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  Their temperament is a combination of characteristics found in both breeds, gentle, affectionate, cheerful; adaptable.  They are an excellent family pet as well as delightfully cute and adorable and they will love and be loved wherever they may go.

Happily, Cody, our beautiful Cocker Spaniel, had a gorgeous litter born January 17, 2019!  We are thrilled with the wonderful new arrivals  They are a beautiful creamy colour to caramel colour!  Pictured below the first 3 images.  Numbered:  #6a are the girls; #6b are the boys; #6c as lovely as the morning sunrise!

Thrilling news!  Our pretty, Panda, is a delighfully happy and proud mamma to 4 darling little babies.  She has 3 little boys and and one adorable little girl born April 1, 2019.  A beautiful creamy white most of the puppies have a touch of soft caramel coloured silky ears.  Please call us for assistance with doing a reservation with a deposit.  Ready for adoption early June.

We have plans for pretty Petunia ~ she is looking forward to her babies early April.

The images below ~and after~ the first 3 photos are of our most recent previous puppies.  SOLD.  These Cock-A-Chon puppies -after first 3 images- have found their own niche with new friends and family!  

Please contact us for more details and info.