Spruce Ridge Kennels

Cocker - Bichon

The Cocker - Bichon or also known as Cock-A-Chon is the hybrid mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  Their temperament is a combination of characteristics found in both breeds, gentle, affectionate, cheerful; adaptable.  They are an excellent family pet as well as delightfully cute and adorable and they will love and be loved wherever they may go.  

 We are ecstatic!!  Coral gave birth to 2 beautiful little boys and 3 adorable little girls, born Aug. 1.  Reserve your special sweetie!               And -delightfully- Cookie is due sometime end of Sept!         We look forward to seeing you and showing off our perfect little sweethearts!  Do drop in!        Pictured below ~1st 4 blocks of 12 images.   SOLD!    Please call for more details 

Captivating, Engaging; Delightful; Cute; Super Smart; Hug-able Teddy bear; Fantastic Buddy; Charming Personality; Devoted; Loyal; Entertaining; Goofy; Upbeat; Cheery; Easygoing; Sensitive; Eager; Enthusiastic; Healthy!  

1st 4 Blocks of 12 Images:  A beautiful litter ~Feb. 2016.  ~SOLD!  Planning... End of this year!   Enjoy Photos of some of our previous puppies ~SOLD!~ last 4 blocks of 12 images ~ Cocker Bichon "Cocka-Chon" puppies born spring 2013! They have found their own little niche with a new family!  

Please contact us for more details and info.