The Biton brings the best of both worlds into one incredibly amazing little dog!  This designer dog breed is a superior hybrid both in appearance and disposition.  Bred by crossing two pure breeds, a Bichon Frise and a Coton de Tulear, the Biton has naturally inherited many of the best qualities and attributes of his or her parents.  Great socializing skills, alert, pleasant, friendly and mild-mannered they have an overall cheerful attitude happy and positive.  They aim to please enjoying nothing better than to be in the centre of attention.  This gentle breed adapts well to a variety of lifestyles from limited to boundless spaces, from children to pets to the guest at your door.  The Biton is a good match for people with allergies as they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  Brushing, which is not too difficult, is required, as well, an occasional bath will keep their hair so beautiful!  With their sweet and cute expression the Biton has a way of waming hearts and he will remain your best friend for life!

One beautiful young female looking for her forever family.  She was born Sept. 14, 2018 and is a gorgeous white with soft creamy coloured ears.  A real beaut with a matching temperament ~ kind, sweet, fun-loving, and very affectionate.

Fluffball, our pretty Coton de Tulear, along with our handsome Bijon Frise stud, Toby, have a stunning litter of 3 gorgeous Biton babies born Feb. 5, 2019.  There is 1 charming boy with 2 beautiful little sisters.  The siblings are dressed in dazzling white.  One pretty female is spoken for ~ there is only one darling boy and 1 elegant little girl available.  Pictures to follow!  Drop in, reserve your very own sweetheart!

We are thrilled with our plans in progress...  We are looking for a beautiful litter of Bitons early April.

  1. Pictured below:  2 little pearly white angels!  (Previous puppies - now Sold)  Pictures 2 to 5 are of the sweeties when they only 4 weeks old!

All photos are of charming, beauttiful puppies we had previously but that have now found their niche in life with a family they call their own. In other words all pics of puppies are SOLD.

Please call for more details.