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Shelchon Puppies Available  

Shelchons' are highly intelligent, sensitive to your guidance, and easy to train if you are firm and kind.  Each little puppy has their own engaging personality with a good combination of the best qualities of the Sheltie and the Bichon Frise disposition.  They do well with children; are equally happy with adults effecting a fabulous family pet.  Curious and energetic our adorable little puppies are preparing to steal your heart!  Do drop in ~ and make your own special memories with your own little sweetheart!       

                                        Snuggle-Bugz and Sugar-Bear Buddies! 

 Ready to go:  Born Mar 28, 2016.  -Pics & info below.  ||   Beautiful Babies born:  early June!

Virtually black and white these gorgeous Sheltie Bichon siblings are a charming 'little' family of 3 boys!  Mom ~Tippy; March 28, 2016.  Promising to love you back, each little boy is looking to be uniquely paired and to be specially bonded with their own remarkable family!  Drop in to see us!  

First Block of 3 images:  Puppies born March 28, 2016.                                                                     2nd Block of 3 images:  Puppies born March 14, 2016

→  PREVIOUS & SOLD:                 Blocks 3;4&5 of 9 images:                                                            Five gorgeous black and white; adorable sweeties! - 5 male, 3 female.  Born winter of 2015.  SOLD!    Block #6 of 3 images       Born spring of 2015 these beautiful tri-coloured moppets are Sheltie mamma, Danielle, and our genteel prince, Sonny's 3 girls and 1 boy!  SOLD!   Reserve yours:  Adopt = Block #7 of 3 images      Our exquisite dream babies! Born 2015 - 2 male; 3 female. Reservations = Now; Adopt = End of May               

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