Spruce Ridge Kennels

Puppies Available  

  We are anticipating a beautiful litter similar to those pictured below in July. Expected date is approximate.

When we have confirmed the due date we will post this information. We are taking deposits for reservations on these gorgeous tri-coloured Shelchon puppies ~ coming with the best of both breeds!

                       .      Call for more information and to reserve your puppy.  

Sorry, no puppies available at the moment. Pictures below are images of former puppies - only!

SOLD: but with pics below. Our pretty Sheltie mamma, Mayflower, has two little boys available.  They were born Jan 8, 2014 all creamy gold and white with a bonus of being low and non-shedding!  Adorable, good-natured, fun-loving, they dearly love to please, enjoy to snuggle up, listen very carefully and delight in brightening your spirits by making you laugh!

This little boy has just been SOLD:  One adorable and lively little boy is (no longer) available born Dec 23, 2013!  Pictured below, the first block of 3 images he is off to the races, loves nothing better than to show off then just as suddenly he needs a break, a quick nap; a long stretch of his small back legs a big yawn and he is off to the races again!  He is charming, very friendly, sensitive to your tone of voice, affectionate and very intelligent! He is waiting to be your loyal little friend!

First 3 images:  Trixie's one handsome little boy born Dec 23, 2013 - Sold
2nd set of 3 images:   Two little boys Jan 8, 201! Mamma is Mayflower -Sold
Last 4 Blocks of 3 pictures:  Beautiful Siblings born to SRK's late 2013 - Sold

Please contact us for details                                                                                    Back to info