Puppies Available

The Bichon is a fluffy, little white dog that is intelligent, bold and lively.  This charming little dog does not yap much.  They love the social life, love to be loved, adapt easily and bond readily and their happy temperament is easy to live with.  They do well with children and make excellent family pets.  Hypoallergenic and allergy-free.  The puppies will remain small when full grown weighing around 8 to 12 lbs at the most.

Two beautiful boys born May 11, 2018 are looking for 'friends~for~keeps'!  Adorable and very cute they are energetic and very affectionate.  A beautiful white with soft creamy-buff coloured ears.  These 2 little boys are happy, smart and endearing tugging at your heartstrings with their antics and taking pleasure in your captivated smile. They can't wait to lavish on you their irrepressible love and affection!  Pictured below:  on first block of 4 images.

We have a litter of 6 Bijon Frise puppies born June 26, 2018.  Snowbelle had 2 very handsome boys and 4 delightfully captivating females.  Playful and lively they are inquisitive, cheerful and well-mannered.  Ready to rehome around end of August.  Pictured below:  on 2nd block of 4 images plus first 2 photos on the 3rd block of 4 images.

We are thrilled with our newest babies!  Born July 2, 2018 they are a pretty and adorable bundle of fur pictured on the 4th block of 4 images plus 2 photos on the end of the 3rd block of 4 images below.  Snowdrop is a pretty little Bichon Frise, sensitve, affectionate with a very cheerful happy-go-lucky attitude.  She is delighted with her newest litter of babies!

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>   A number of pictures on the last blocks of images of previous puppies who have been adopted and have found their own family to bond with.  

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