Puppies Available

The Bichon is a fluffy, little white dog that is intelligent, bold and lively.  This charming little dog does not yap much.  They love the social life, love to be loved and their happy temperament is easy to live with.  They do well with children and make excellent family pets.

We are looking for a new litter around end of June.  Please call for more details.

Holly is a mamma again!  She has 4 beautiful little boys born May 11, 2018.  Pics to follow.  Reserve a puppy with a deposit.

Four gorgeous males still available.  First four pictures below - dressed in white with gorgeous caramel- white ears.  Snowdrop's beautiful litter born November 26, 2017.  The puppies are hypoallergenic and have done well with people suffering from allergies.  These puppies will remain small when full grown weighing around 8 to 12 lbs at the most. These 2 little boys are happy, smart and endearing tugging at your heartstrings with their antics and taking pleasure in your captivated smile. They can't wait to lavish on you their irrepressible love and affection!  Pictured below on the first block of 4 images -only.

Pictured below the first block of 4 images are former puppies:  

>   2nd block of images:  A stunning litter of beautiful Bichon Frise puppies arrived in the summer of 2016.  Adopted.  >Third Block & half of six Images ~Rehomed.  >One beautiful little girl with her big brother ~previous puppies have found their forever homes   >  A beautiful lItter of six summer babies.  4 boys and 2 girls!  Friendly and cheerful, they adapt easily and bond readily!  Not available / adopted!   > Hypoallergenic and friendly they are an excellent choice for adults, children and anybody suffering from allergies! 

 Click on each photo for a larger view and more info.        Please Contact us for details.