Shelchon Puppies   

Shelchons' are highly intelligent, sensitive to your guidance, and easy to train if you are firm and kind.  Low to non-shedding; allergy friendly.  Each little puppy has their own engaging personality with a good combination of the best qualities of the Sheltie and the Bichon Frise disposition. They do well with children; are equally happy with adults effecting a fabulous family pet.  Curious and energetic our adorable little puppies are preparing to steal your heart!  Do drop in ~ and form unique special memories with your own little sweetheart!

A superb new litter on the way!  Due early September.  Mamma is Danielle.  Dressed in stunning white with black markings.  Taking reservations now.  Visiting around mid-September.  Adoption early November.  A near carbon-copy of these puppies pictured on last 2 blocks of 8 images below.

Our puppies are low to non-shedding and are great for those with allergies due to the hypoallergenic characteristic of the Bijon Frise, although it depends on the hair coat for the most severe cases as they are not totally hypoallergenic.  The puppies also come microchipped.  Drop in and bond with your own little sweetie!  Charming, cute and loyal these Shelchon puppies each possess their own delightful bounce of energy and affection!  Intelligent; expressive; quirky and gentle they enjoy interaction with those they love and being involved in the day's activities. Promising to love you back, each little boy and girl will bond quickly with love!  Soft as down they will be your special 'Snuggle-Bugz and Sugar-Bear Buddies'!

Below are photos of some of our former beautiful litters.

  1. 1st block of 4 images are the puppies born last year ~ 3 males and 3 females.
  2. 2nd & 3rd blocks of 8 images are Winnie's puppies ~ 3 boys with one pretty little sister.
  3. Blocks 4 & 5 of 8 images are our babies.  Danielle has 3 stunning little boys and 3 gorgeous girls!
  4. Block 6 of 4 pictures and below the 6th block are of some of our former puppies.  They have found new friends, families and buddies!
  5. Blocks 6, 7, and 8 of 12 images:  Girl talk; adorable sable guys; a guy and doll; the wee babes; inquisitive sweeties; the trio; Junior; Elfin and Pixie;  saucy, cheeky, prissy; hey dude; half pint; stunning, bewitching and provocative!  Last 2 Blocks of 8 images:   Captivating!  Stunning!  Charming!  Shelchon puppies in gorgeous black and white!

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