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Bichon - Toy Poodle

The Bichon Frise - Toy Poodle, or Poochon, is a smaller dog whose fur is both curly and fluffy and retains both parents' hypoallergenic qualities.  The Poochon is an active, friendly dog who generally combines the ease of training of a Bichon Frise and the intelligence of a Poodle.  They are a hardy crossbreed who enjoys being a lapdog as well as running around outside with children. 

Poochon Puppies:  Sorry, we are SOLD!  Plans in progress for a Litter in 2017.

                            Please call us for more details.                                                                                       First block of 6 images are the newest adorables - sorry, we are now SOLD!

Now Sold:  Mom is the little Bichon Toy Poodle and daddy is the Bichon Frise.  The puppies are predominantly Bichon frise, F1b, or 3/4 Bichon and 1/4 Poodle.   1st 2 blocks of 6 Images.          Below 1st blocks of images.  Mom,  Poodle.                                                                                                                   The images below the 1st 2 blocks of 5 images are pics of some of our former puppies ~sold.  The puppies have been adopted out to new families.  We wish these little guys and their new families all the best as they adapt to a new home-life and bond to each other!  ~See pics AFTER the 1st 2 blocks of 5 images

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