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Bichon - Toy Poodle

The Bichon Frise - Toy Poodle, or Poochon, is a smaller dog whose fur is both curly and fluffy and retains both parents' hypoallergenic qualities.  The Poochon is an active, friendly dog who generally combines the ease of training of a Bichon Frise and the intelligence of a Poodle.  They are a hardy crossbreed who enjoys being a lapdog as well as running around outside with children. 

 Anticipating a gorgeous litter of Bichon Toy Poodle Puppies ~ End of June!


Previous and Sold:  Born November 4 and ready to right around Christmas.  Mom is a beautiful little Bichon Toy Poodle and daddy is the handsome white Bichon Frise.  This makes the puppies lean on the side of Bichon, F1b, if you will or three quarter Bichon and one quarter Poodle.                                       First 2 images in the first block of 3 photos.                               Please call us for more details.

 Below 1st 2 images = pics of previous puppies.  A little girl and her brother are spring babies.  The little sweethearts are looking for their 'forever' homes.  Mom, to the babies is a sweet little Bichon Frise and daddy is the lively little Toy Poodle.  Pictured below on the first block of three images ~ they are still curly and fluffy little babies ~ they are growing fast.     ~1st block of 3 images 

The images below the 1st block of 3 images are pics of some of our former puppies ~sold.  2 litters born in May and Sept 2014 have been adopted out to new families.  We wish these little guys and their new families all the best as they adapt to a new home-life and bond to each other!          ~See all of the photos AFTER the 1st block of 3 images

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