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Bichon - Toy Poodle

The Bichon Frise - Toy Poodle, or Poochon, is a smaller dog whose fur is both curly and fluffy and retains both parents' hypoallergenic qualities.  The Poochon is an active, friendly dog who generally combines the ease of training of a Bichon Frise and the intelligence of a Poodle.  They are a hardy crossbreed who enjoys being a lapdog as well as running around outside with children. 

            Available BichPoo Puppies!   ~only 1 girl available

    Born May 10, 2014, the one little boy and his sweet sister ~the little girl is no longer available~ are ready for their new 'forever homes!'  They adore each other very much and are always found together whether they are playing, getting into mischief or simply taking their afternoon nap!  What one will not think of the other one is sure to come up with some comical splendid idea!  Family-oriented, love to please; their friendliness easily extends to guests.  No Shedding!  Hypoallergenic!  Adorable beauties!                        Drop in; pick & choose; take your own sweetheart home!                                    ~See First Block of 3 Images (updated)  AND  Images in Block 4 & 5 (younger)

Three adorable little babies born to Cathy, a Bijon Frise, the stud is Tiny, a Toy Poodle.  The babies were born May 22, 2014, 2 adorable boys and 1 sweet little sister ~the 2 little boys are no longer available~  They are itty bitty and will probably stay that way, mostly!  Intelligent, friendly, hug-gable and lovable they come pre-spoiled!                                                                                                               ~See 2nd Block of 3 Images (updated)  AND  3rd Block of 3 Pictures (younger)

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