Our experience with Spruce Ridge Kennels was excellent.  Alma did a great job of explaining all of the steps that we needed to take to purchase a puppy clearly and concisely.  We knew timelines and what to expect at every milestone.  On our puppy selection date, Alma took time to discuss what to feed our puppy and gave us instructions on how to purchase the good beforehand so we were ready from day one.  On our pickup date, Alma showed us how to care for her coat and nails, how to check her ears and eyes and provided all health infomation on shots already administered.  She also talked to us about local veterinarians to ensure we had a vet in place and confirmed the timing of an appointment for our puppy's next vaccinations.  We have her chip information and have registered her to our name and address.  We also have our health guarantee with information on her mother, father and date of birth.  Alma offered to answer any questions we have as we start training our new puppy.

Our son Austin has always wanted a puppy and we couldn't be happier with our new little girl, Bailey.  She is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Coton de Tulear, a Biton.  She is a happy, healthy, energetic and loving puppy.  She spends the entire day curled up beside Austin as he does his school work.  We take frequent breaks to ensure she gets outside once every hour ot two.  Already on day two, she is asking to go out when she needs to pee by walking to the back door and making small noises to confirm her intention.  She has even slept though the night with no accidents!  She is the perfect addition to our family.