Dearest Spruce Ridge,

Last November (2012) we adopted a beautiful puppy from you, and our lives have not been the same.  Cameron is a Cavachon and the cutest, sweetest dog in the world.  His energy is contagious and his love is unconditional.  Cameron has grown up in the city and takes many trips out East to the county and he loves every minute.  he runs around for hours and loves to play fetch!  His running outlasts our arm strength. On our daily walks there has not been one time where someone has not complimented how"cute" our dog is and he gets compared to a teddy bear all the time.  Cameron had his moments where he loves to chew on our socks and underwear (the dirtier the better for him), and any form of tissue paper but, he is such a good boy and picked up on the potty training quickly.        .          

Everyone loves our boy and he loves them, especially when they give him a good belly rub!             

We cannot thank you enough for the joy that Cameron has brought to our lives, and we have    recommended you to all our friends and family who are interested in getting a puppy.                                  

Below are a few of our favourite pictures.                                                                                                                                                     ~~Stephanie & Derek