Two weeks ago my husband and I brought hom our new puppy, Charlie.  Charlie is the mix of a Bichon and a Coton de Tulear.  He is the sweetest, most lovable, beautiful puppy. 
His Charlietemperament I owe to Alma as I feel Charlie's parents gave him the best of genes.  Alma is very caring towards her puppies and as I saw with mine, she seemed sad to let him go.  She  told me he was her favourite but I am sure they all are.
A lot of care goes into taking care of these puppies before they come home to us and I am extremely happy that both my daughter and I found Spruce Ridge Kennels.  My daughter got a Cavachon and again temperament can't be beat.  Alma raises very loveable puppies and I would recommend this kennel to ayone wanting to adopt.

Fernanda Almeida


Charlie at one year.

Charlie is a Biton.  He has been a total angel since we've had him for one year.  He is playful, loving and so affectioate.  As we now are empty nesters, Charlie has helped my husband and I keep our spitits up in the midst of a pandemic.

Great addition ot our family!