Happy Customers!                                                                                              ~Don and Pam with Taffy

Taffy is very easy going - alert and quite responsive.  She loves to go for walks which I try to do every day.  She communicates quite well - whimpers when she needs to go out or when she is tired and wants to go to bed or if her water bowl is empty.  She loves to play catch and fetch in the living room early evening.  We keep her in the kitchen and laundry room during the day or when we are out.  She has her bed there and has some other spots where she likes to curl up.  She spends a lot of her day snoozing.  If the weather is good she sits outside and finds one of our lounge chairs to curl up in.  In the evening she comes into the living room with us.  When she realizes that it is that time again she gets so excited! One game she likes to play is chase.  She uses the couches and chairs like an obstacle course - roaring around - she is very fast and impossible to catch - she likes that!  We take the crate and a baby gate as well as her bed and setup her station in each hotel room.  She seems very secure and seems to love to be with us.

We are absolutely delighted with our little Cock-a-Chon!