Hello Alma,

I wanted to thank you for selecting us to be happy new owners of one of your Bichon Frise pups.  It was a pleasure working with you.

My experience at Spruce Ridge Kennels was a very positve and happy one.  Alma was my main contact, and she was always pleasant and professional.  I had t make several phone calls at the start as a new puppy owner, but she always answered my questions promptly and patiently.  It was a very smooth process from start to finish.  She had the puppy, his shots, a take-away bag and all the paperwork ready for pick up when we arrived.
Alma checked in a few days later to see how we were doing, which was very nice and appreciated.
Our new Bichon Prise puppy, "Trooper" is a complete delight!  He is very intelligent, has a beauriful temperament, a playful nature and loves our whole family.  He has only been with us approximately 8 weeks but if feels like he's been part of the family for years.  
Thank you, Alma and Spruce Ridge Kennels, for the opprotunity to add Trooper to our family.

Pictures coming soon!