Cocker - Bichon

The Cocker - Bichon or also known as Cock-A-Chon is the hybrid mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.  Their temperament is a combination of characteristics found in both breeds, gentle, affectionate, cheerful; adaptable.  They are an excellent family pet as well as delightfully cute and adorable and they will love and be loved wherever they may go.

 Our gorgeous blenhiem-coloured Panda has a litter of 3 darling boys and 2 adorable little girls.  Born Oct 8, 2019 and ready for their new family and friends around mid-December.  A bit early for Christmas but if you don't mind 'early' they will be lovely gifts that respond with love and affection to both children and adults alike!  Pictured below Images #1 and #2 and #3 and #4.

Beautiful Cock-A-Chon puppies born to our gorgeous Coral.  Coral is a Cocker Spaniel and the stud is our Bichon Frise.  Puppies were born Oct. 28, 2019.  They will be ready for adoption at the end of December.  If you are anticipating a New Years gift that is soft and cuddly and will respond with affection then these lovely Cock-A-Chon puppies are just what you are looking for.  Pictured below Images 5 and 6.

The images below ~and after~ the first 6 photos are of our most recent previous puppies.  SOLD.  These Cock-A-Chon puppies -after first 6 images- have found their own niche with new friends and family!  

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