Shih Tzu - Toy Poodle

Or most commonly called Shih-Poo.  The Shih-Poo is a small dog, hypoallergenic and allergy-friendly.  They are very family-oriented, affectionate, and devoted to those that love them and care for them.  Charming and alert, they are very trusting and happy and cheerful natures.

At the Present:

We have a gorgeous litter of three adorable young Shih-Poo females.  Topsy, our lovely Shih Tzu, is the mother of the puppies and out vivacious little guy, Jasper, is the stud.  The babies were born August 17.  The little girls are on the lookout for their "forever family and homes".  They are ready to be adopted.  Pictured below the first photo block.  Each small girl is unique in her appearance.  No two are the same.

One Malti-Poo Puppy:

April, our Maltese mother, has given birth to a handsome baby boy.  This one gorgeous young boy's mohter is incredibly affectionate, sweet-tempered and playful.  April and Jasper, our genteel poodle, both passed on a wonderful disposition and stunning colouring to their sweet little guy.  Pictured below:  Photo block number 2 and 3.

Please call Verna for assistance at:  (519) 848-6913   For both the Malti-Poo and the Shih-Poo


Moxy and Jasper had a beautiful litter of Shipoo puppies, 2 boys and 3 girls born Oct 8.  Adoption:  early December

 Photos of former puppies below Beginning at Photo Block #4.