Shih Tzu - Toy Poodle

Or most commonly called Shih-Poo.  The Shih-Poo is a small dog, hypoallergenic and allergy friendly.  They are very family oriented, affectionate and devoted to those that love them and care for them.  Charming and alert, they are very trusting and happy and cheerful natures.

Please contact us for info on our next litter as we do not have any available at the moment.

Below Pictures Only:  Fluffy, our pretty, little "fluff-ball" Shih Tzu lady had 3 darling little girls!  One little girl is black, one little girl is chocolate brown and one little girl is cinnamon gold.  They are spunky and alert little girls, packed with character; they love lots of attention, make friends easily, do well with children and other pets; are intelligent and responsive to consistent training and are small and very adorable.  They have picked up daddy's (the poodle) lively and happy nature. Not Available.
Pictures of a beautiful little boy from 2010 - bottom 3.