Bichon - Toy Poodle 

The Bichon Frise - Toy Poodle, or Bichpoo/Poochon, is a smaller dog whose fur is both curly and fluffy and retains both parents' hypoallergenic qualitities.  The Poochon is an active, friendly dog who generally combines the ease of training of a Bichon Frise and the intelligence of a Poodle.  They are a hardy crossbreed who enjoys being a lapdog as well as running around outside with children.

One Little Boy:
  • A sweet little boy born August 15 is looking for his forever family, a home with his loved ones.  He is a curly, hypoallergenic sweet designer breed who is energetic but very friendly.  Pictured below, first image.  Please contact us for details.

  • A fabulous new litter of Bichpoo puppies was born on Sept. 12 to our Bichon Frise mother and Lucky, the stud.  Two boys and two girls have acquired a lovely disposition form both parents.  They are ready to be adopted to their permanent homes.  Pictured below, 2 photos number 2 and 3.  


Puppies pictured below After the first 3 images:  Our former puppies that have used their beautiful personalities to sprinkle joy into the lives of their forever family and friends.

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